Affiliated Maketing Course

Affiliate Marketing Course:

There’s a lot you can benefit from if you have a Win-Win situation. And that’s

exactly the crunch of Affiliate Marketing. Business can either be an affiliate to

bring in customers for its client business or outsource the task of achieving

customers for itself through affiliates by offering some rewards. Affiliate

marketing has seen a great ascension through the past decade along with Digital



Affiliate Marketing seems pretty easy to understand but when it comes to

application in the real world, it needs some deep thinking, robust planning, and

effective strategies for achieving the desirable results. Digital Hat includes the

Affiliate Marketing segment as a part of the Digital Marketing training program.


The topics you learn here are

  • How to enter Affiliate Marketing
  • The Methodology involved
  • Choosing the ideal affiliate
  • Becoming an ideal affiliate
  • Opportunities, Avenues, and Benefits
  • Key Features

    Research Based Internship
    Placement Assistance
    Hands-on Projects and Assignments
    Adwords Certification
    Course Completion Certificate
    Free Demo Classes
    Practical Training - Learn on real live projects for individuals
    24X7 Support - 24X7 Support via online assistance


    1 Overview of affiliate marketing
    2 How affiliate marketing works
    Duration: 3 hour
    3 Benefits of Affiliate marketing
    Duration: 3 hour
    4 Platforms for Affiliate marketing
    Duration: 3 hour
    5 Installing SQL Server
    Duration: 3 hour
    6 SQL Server Basics
    Duration: 9 hour
    7 Working with Tables
    8 Conclusion

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    Affiliate Marketing

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    • Price: Free Demo
    • Duration: 10 hours
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