27 Jun 2017

Business Promotion Ideas with Zero or Little Investment

People relate Digital marketing with social media, well that’s partially correct. Digital Marketing is a broader term that embraces website design, organic SEO, social media, SEM, content and more. In fact, due to lack of knowledge, small scale businesses tend to over complicate their strategies when compared to larger firms.

Here are some handy tips that can help you in promoting your business without much of investment or no investment.

Well-suited Website should be compatible and responsive on all the devices. For developing any website for new business or existing one needs to keep it in mind that website should be able to run properly on every device be it desktop or mobile phones that your content, images, and the structure of the site can adapt in a fluid and flexible way as per the screen. There is a tendency of fall out of perspective customers if they don’t find the website responsive and adjusting.

Interactive Content, let the content on the website do the talking rather than you as a person. Now a day’s people don’t ask each other for the solution or the magic that your business can do. They just type it in Google and look for the solution. It means your content should be such that it is clear, simple, to the point and provides a solution to the problem rather than talking about the number of problems existing in the market in the absence of your promotional product.

The message conveyed through the content should be unique and well mapped so that it helps to fulfil the business objective.

Off Page SEO, generally marketing experts when deals with start-up firms they only talk about on page SEO, to sound more impressive and don’t touch the off-page part of it which could be handy and cost effective. In simpler words off the page, SEO tells the search engine what people are talking about you. The talks could be in the form of mentioning your brand on their brand page, or it could be in the form of sharing URL of your page. By spending only twenty percent of your total time on off page, you can improve your company’s ranking in search engine.

Social Media, started as a common online platform for voicing the opinion and connecting with near and dear ones but lately it is the furor for online marketing and connecting with like-minded professionals. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google+ are few interactive social platforms that can be used for selling products or generating leads without spending much from the pocket. It is astonishing that many firms are still not on social media for marketing.

If you want social media work in your favor, you need to be hyper active, bright and engaging for your promotional material to reach out many.

E-mail Marketing, one of the few simple and most effective way to increase a company’s online sales and build relationships with current and possible customers without spending much money. It also comes to saving when social media limits expansion. Email service providers like MailChimp offering free usage of their platform for nearly 2,000 email addresses.

Also, the click-through rates of these customized emails are much better than any other platform.

People fail to use it as the proper platform for getting more leads cause of poor frame of messages or wrong subject lines. Moreover, sending hundreds of emails to one client with general and same content is not the right way of increasing leads.

Summarizing it in simple words that people have unnecessarily over-hyped the term Digital Media Marketing. It can be simple uncomplicated and quite suitable to your pocket if you use it wisely.


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