30 Mar 2018

Advanced SEO training institute

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, searching through keywords will no longer be used by us because of the advanced technology of searching the World Wide Web with your voice. It is not only limited to searching on the web but to also make sure your other tasks are done on a smartphone much easier way. Voice search enables you to voice dial, launching programs, searching for content in your audio and video files, selecting options and much more. This feature has been installed on various Smartphone for a long time but has now become a lot more popular. Even though voice search is more like a software feature, now it has become a service.

Voice search is being used to search all over the internet and to get the best results possible without any problem. This is why it is essential for blogs, writers and companies to understand how to optimize your content to rank for voice search in SEO. This enables the stakeholders to stay more relevant and get more and more hits on their content with the help of voice search. Advanced SEO training institutes provide various courses to understand the relationship between SEO and voice search.

There are certain strategies one can use to optimize the content to rank for Voice search in SEO. These are:

First things First

All the important keywords should come in the initial paragraphs. More and more pages of those specific topics consisting of the important keywords must be made. This is because the voice search has more of a conversational type of search rather than a technical one. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot about the most used keywords and how they should be incorporated into your content in order to optimize it in terms of SEO and voice search.

Get Listed in Google’s Answer Box

Getting your blogs, websites and in short, your content listed in Google’ Answer Box allows you to be more relevant to the voice search of Google. This increases the chances of your content being more visible on the Google search after being searched about through voice search. This enables to get your content the most amounts of hits in terms of viewership. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot of information regarding the functionality of Google’s Answer Box.

Make the Content Conversational

Voice search has this feature of talking to your smart device in the form of conversation. This is one of the most likeable features of voice search. If your content has the most of its keywords in the initial paragraph and the initial paragraph is more or less like a conversation, there are very high chances of your content being listed in top results of voice search. This makes your content more visible in this method of searching.

Mobile Friendly

This is not a new concept but it is highly important in the voice search scenario. With more and more people indulging in everyday searching via voice search, all your website and blogs and other content should be mobile friendly. If your websites and blogs still operational only on the desktop, then there is no chance that your content is listed in the voice search results. This is because people use voice search from their phone.

Why choose Digital hat?

DigitalHat is the perfect Advanced SEO training institute for all those who have small to no knowledge at all in digital marketing. Our designed course starts at the very basic level and explains every small part of digital marketing to the learners a broadway. So, if you have the passion to learn you can definitely learn everything from this institute quickly.

23 Mar 2018

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Artificial Intelligence was one of the concepts that were completely unimaginable. Today, it is taking over the entire world, industry by industry. Huge technology companies like Google, Facebook, Opera, etc. are investing all of their resources and finance into Artificial Intelligence. Most of them have come up with interesting platforms while the others are working daily to enhance and improve the existing features in various types of Artificial Intelligence models. The idea behind Artificial Intelligence is simple. It is to make intelligent machines that have various human traits like knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning and ability to manipulate and move objects.

Imagine how powerful a sector like digital marketing can become when all these traits are combined to do the same. Digital marketing is a method of promoting products, services, and brands through all the digital means of communication that can be spread across masses. This means that digital marketing, when combined with Artificial Intelligence, can create things we never thought could ever exist. Various Digital marketing training courses with respect to Artificial Intelligence are being conducted so that the great inventions and brand promotion techniques can be seen in the future.

The ways in which Artificial Intelligence can enhance digital marketing and hence more and more digital marketing training courses are being held are listed here.

Understand and predict customer behavior

This will make the jobs of the target audience much easier. Once the artificial intelligence system is aware of your characteristics, it will be able to predict your next move without you commanding or even thinking about it. This will create a sort of personalized robot for each one of us.

Smarter search, smarter ads, and smarter customer service

Artificial intelligence, when combined with digital marketing, will customize your search list in such a way as if it is your own mind. The ads you will get on digital media will literally be about the products you want at the moment and most importantly many websites and apps will be able to help you out every second you need them with the help of their artificial intelligence automated systems.

Forecasting sales

Artificial intelligence, when mixed with the digital means, will not only benefit the customers but also be of great advantage to the creators, manufacturers and other businesses. The most unpredictable means in our ledger books is the real outcome of sales. Sales are the biggest form of revenue for most businesses and if they do not meet the right targets they end up getting in a loss. With artificial intelligence, knowing the right amount of sales without them happening in the real-time becomes possible.

Advertising gets the right boost

Another way in which artificial intelligence and digital marketing work in favor of the companies are that they provide such a platform where the ads created are only marketed to the audience who is interested or is sure to buy it. This means that advertisers get to save a lot of money. This is mainly why companies are getting involved in digital marketing training courses so that their employees know the latest technology and help in benefitting the company.

A digital hat is one such very renowned company that offers digital marketing training courses. So, you can definitely take our help to know more about this concept. A question might rise to many minds that why to choose Digital hat. The answer is explained here.

Why choose Digital hat:

DigitalHat covers all the strategies of digital marketing in a very practical approach. So, every single vital part of digital marketing starting from SEO, SEM, Web designing, affiliate marketing, content marketing etc. are covered by us. Even if you are eager to learn about the latest evolution of digital marketing, a Digital hat is the best destination for that.

16 Mar 2018

Social media training institutes

Facebook is one of the most used platforms in social media marketing. It is one of the platforms that led to the growth and development of social media on the internet. When more and more people were connecting with each from different parts of the world, this is when businesses figured out that they could also connect with their customers that are spread all over the world via Facebook. Gradually these businesses understood that a majority of their customers and most importantly their potential customers were very active on Facebook. This made them use this social media platform to their advantage and started putting ads of their products and services on Facebook, Messenger and also in between certain videos on Facebook.

Promoting products, services, and brands through their own platform is one of the biggest sources of earning revenue for Facebook. Facebook is well aware of the likes, dislikes, age groups and other important details needed by a business ad they use it to their advantage by selling this information to these brands. This is the reason why we get advertisements related to our likes and what we search for. This is one of the characteristics of social media marketing.

So many Social media training institutes teach social media managers and digital marketers about in-depth studies of how social media really works not only in terms of Facebook but also other social media platforms. The reasons why there is a huge impact of Facebook Messenger ads to increase the growth of the business are:

Global Reach

There are so many people out there that do not know about your product. Even if your brand is a hit in your known region, there are very high chances that it is unknown in another part of the world. Facebook messenger ads allow a business to have the entire globe as their potential target audience. This is definitely a good reason as to why businesses should invest more and more in these Facebook ads. Facebook has the algorithm that advertises your product, service or brand to those who need it the most. This means your product can reach another country altogether without even spending a large amount of money. Social Media training institutes explain their learners all about the different techniques to make your ads more attractive to the target as well as potential target audience.

Faster Reach and Inexpensive Medium

When businesses have the target of enhancing sales and they are not willing to spend more on advertising and promotion, Facebook messenger ads are the most reliable and effective option. With built-in links to buy the products advertised, a large number of potential and actual target audiences tend to buy their products through various ads. Social media training institutes teach social media managers and digital marketers on how to make cheaper and effective ads for social media platforms.

Personalized Ads

There is a reason why people don’t even mind getting ads on their preferred social media platform that is a Facebook messenger. It is because the ads that are advertised to the users are based on the likes of the users. Instead of getting irritated by ads, they end up getting more interested in the products or the brand mentioned in the advertisement which makes it a very effective means of advertisement.


09 Mar 2018

Google Adwords Interview Questions

Google ads are one of the most versatile advertising tools in the industry today. It requires that an advertiser pay a certain fee to have their product, small advertisement or video content be displayed on the Google network.

A person can become a Google AdWords specialist as well. It is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the market today. Google AdWords Certification is a professional certification offered by Google. This is given to individuals who have a basic or advanced understanding of Google AdWords. The certification gives the person to exercise themselves as Google Certified AdWords Specialists.

The training is available at a number of AdWords Training Institutes which are spread across the country. They give you the basic understanding of the course moving up to the advanced level. They also give intensive training as to how to face potential interviewers and also on the type of Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face.

Some of the most common questions asked during interviews are:

What exactly does the term ‘Google AdWords’ mean?

Google AdWords is a marketing provision provided by Google where products or content are displayed on Google search engine and on its affiliated sites. It is displayed in the form of text or in the form of a visual advertisement.

Why should we use Google AdWords?

Google makes sure that the web traffic is directed towards the merchant website. The traffic consists of genuine buyers only, thereby helping you increase sales as well.

What is Ad Rank?

An Ad rank determines the position on the ad on the Google Page. The rank is determined by a customer’s bid to a particular keyword.

What is the working process of Google Auction?

Google runs a number of auctions per month. In this auction, customers interested in a particular keyword are to pay for it and secure it. Once the bid is secured, an Ad rank is allotted which is again related to the cost per click for the advertisement.

Briefly describe what is Google Quality Score.

The Quality Score is an indicator of the visibility and effectiveness of your ad. This is again deeply influenced by the quality of image used, keyword relevance used and ad layout. Higher the Quality Score, higher will be the ranking and you will end up saving a lot of money on your ad as well.

Briefly explain what is conversion optimizer.

Conversion Optimizer is a bid manipulation tool which helps decide as to which click on a Google Ad will add value to it. This helps in securing a better return on investment.

Briefly explain as to how one can greatly improve on conversion rates.

An Ad designer must make sure that the ad matches perfectly with the keywords and also that the ad is created using tightly themed ad groups. This ensures the authenticity of the ad and hence will lead to a higher conversation rate.

List some of the Google Ad Extensions.

Some of the various Google Ad extensions are as follows:

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extensions
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Offer Ads
  • Communication Ad

What is the most decisive factor when it comes to determining your exact ad position?

The most decisive factor for determining the accurate position of your ad is the Cost per Click. Second, comes the click-through rate, or simply CTR.

What is the formula for calculating Return on Ad Spend(ROAS)?

It is mathematically represented as the ratio between total sales by total amount spent.

What is brand match modifier? How is it denoted?

The Brand match modifier helps us generate keywords which have more reach in comparison to other keywords. Including brand modified keywords highly increases the number of clicks on a particular ad and also increases the conversion rate significantly. The Brand Match Modifier is denoted by a plus symbol (+) which is right in front of the keyword generated by the modifier.

What are the factors which affect the quality of a page?

The inclusion of relevant keywords, page load time, originality of content, transparency, etc. are some of the factors which determine the quality of a page.

These were twelve of the most commonly asked Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face. Make sure you join an apt AdWords Training Institute in order to keep yourself better prepared to face an interview in the future.

01 Mar 2018

Learn Google Adsense

You probably heard it from your well known YouTuber companions or in the news how much an ‘XYZ’ YouTuber earned from one specific video. How would you think one profit from recordings?

You don’t just transfer a video and begin earning when you begin getting views. Indeed, you do require views for gaining cash through YouTube Ads yet that isn’t all, there is one more vital advancement engaged in the procedure of YouTube AdSense profit. The essential advance is to make an AdSense account.

To produce YouTube AdSense profit you should associate the two records with a specific end goal to be qualified to benefit YouTube AdSense cash per view. Once you get a good knowledge of Google Adsense, you are good to go.

Learn Google Adsense! What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is a unit of Google, concentrated on putting advertisements in recordings on various channels. The sponsors can distribute their advertisements through AdSense on various media.

The advertisement distributors can show content, pictures, and recordings on various sites and need to pay per click. Then again, the site proprietors get cash by associating with AdSense.

The clients just need to make a Google AdSense account which is for free and their site or YouTube channel will be qualified for Google Ads.

There is code which should be duplicated and glued and you are ready. The AdSense income can be figured on the compensation per click premise or per-impression premise. Now to Learn Google Adsense and the ways we can utilize it.

Investigate the sorts of AdSense programs you can utilize

  • AdSense for content: show advertisements on a site
  • AdSense for search: shows promotions in indexed lists on a site
  • AdSense for smartphones: shows promotions on a versatile site
  • AdSense for feeds: shows promotions in RSS channels
  • AdSense for domain spaces: shows promotions on unused areas

Learn Google Adsense and its possible applications ensured distributors and engineers likewise approach AdSense programs. These Certified distributors can utilize AdSense to raise incomes from iPhone applications, video or Web program amusements. In the beginning, Google offers the accompanying AdSense programs for ensured distributors: Learn Google Adsense and its possible applications

AdSense for portable applications: adapt Android and iPhone applications

  • AdSense for TV: adapt TV stock
  • AdSense for video: adapt online video content
  • AdSense for diversions: adapt program based recreations

How To Link YouTube to AdSense?

Things being what they are, it’s an ideal opportunity to Learn Google Adsense, it’s a method to profit:

Stage 1-Enable your YouTube for monetization.

Stage 2-Fill an application framework to make another AdSense record to interface with your YouTube account. When Google supports your demand, you will see a hosting account catch on the landing page of your AdSense account.

That is it. It is a basic two-advance procedure to make an AdSense account.

When you have made an AdSense account, pause for a moment to see the advertisement design writes you can empower. It is proposed that you empower all.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you as of now have a non-have site and need the advertisements to appear there, you simply need to fill another frame. This is a one-time frame in which you need to specify the URL of the site.

23 Feb 2018

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a category of reward based marketing where a company rewards its affiliates for bringing in a customer through their own marketing efforts. Over the years, the concept of Affiliate marketing has become more complex in terms of structure. This is mostly due to the emergence of secondary players such as affiliate management agencies, and different third-party vendors.

So, what does an affiliate marketer exactly do? Affiliate marketers use tools such as email marketing, content advertising, SEO methods to attract customers.

In comparison to common marketing techniques like broadcast marketing, which caters to a larger audience, affiliate marketing is more effective as it is built more on personal relations with the customer and due to the higher trust factor involved.

Affiliate marketing is not an easy task. So how does one land a career in affiliate marketing?

  • One must study the market for the feasibility of a certain product in the market. If the feasibility is low, the affiliate marketing program will eventually fail. Hence, pick a product service which is super feasible and of course which interests you. All it involves is a little bit of research.
  • Come up with an interactive website to promote your content. Website building tools such as WordPress should help you with this. Once your website is ready, make sure you fill it up with engaging content. To truly learn Affiliate Marketing, one must begin with the basics like social media marketing, content generation etc.
  • Once your website is up and running, couple it with a blog which caters more information about your product.
  • Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization which will help you fill up your website with the right keywords which will direct potential customers to your website.
  • There is an ample number of online content on the internet which helps in learning Affiliate Marketing.
  • Make sure you don’t depend on free websites over the internet, a training institute with qualified and experienced trainers is advisable which would be more structured and more effective.

Affiliate marketing is slowly taking shape in today’s world. It really doesn’t involve much of an investment. By learning Affiliate marketing, you will certainly give rise to a promising career. With plenty of really good content online, it isn’t too difficult to become a professional affiliate marketer today.

27 Jan 2018

Marketing is the key to success in every business and each business opts all kind of marketing strategies to target the potential customers. But in this technical era, traditional marketing is becoming less effective while the digital marketing is taking over that place entirely. The reasons why digital marketing is more effective than the traditional one is the whole world has gone digitized and it is quick to target huge customer base quickly while people too are busy these days with their laptop, computer, Smartphone, tablet etc. rather than newspaper or TV.

So, in order to gain success in business, a digital footprint is really vital without which you will be left behind in the race. And more importantly, digital marketing is far more important for the startup as they have usually small budget and the time is crunched for them. But, before going into digital, you should know the actual facts about digital marketing which will make the entrepreneurs able to handle the entire digital marketing on their own rather than hiring any professional. Anyways there are many more reasons why the entrepreneur should learn digital marketing and in this article, we have discussed that in detail.

  • True involvement is really needed to succeed in a business whether small or medium and it is only possible when you have some knowledge about the entire things of a business. Digital marketing is an important part of every business, so, every entrepreneur should learn what is digital marketing and how to use it to have a direct involvement in the business.
  • When you have a good command of digital marketing, you are able to make strategies and can build your own digital strategy to make things smoother. Also, taking the right decision by your own is another important part of every business and good knowledge regarding the digital marketing help you in that perfectly.
  • When you are directly involved in the digital marketing of your business, you can know the customers properly and can do everything needed to facilitate a good customer experience. After all, customers are the king of any business and their satisfaction is what helps you grow in the race. Not just that rather you can easily manage a good relationship with the customers for long digitally.
  • A good knowledge of “digital marketing helps the business owners analyze the results on their own”. Lots of analytics tools are available in the market. What you need to do is just learn the digital marketing properly and make use of that available analytics and data to analyze the campaign. It will help you know the performance of the strategy if it has been successful or else some more improvements are still required.
  • After growing to some extent, it is important to compete with the medium and large sized companies to gain the ultimate result. And it requires a good strategy along with excellent knowledge of digital marketing. So, this is another reason to learn digital marketing by the entrepreneurs.
  • When you have a good command of the digital marketing you can also suggest the web designers about the websites of your business. He can then work according to you to enhance the site performance.
  • And finally, good knowledge of digital marketing will eliminate the need to hire any professional or digital agency to handle the tasks. The cost of hiring a digital agency is really high whereas every start-up starts their business with fewer budgets in the beginning.

So, if there is a plan to initiate your new business, it is highly recommended to learn the digital marketing first and then go ahead to start your business.

03 Oct 2017

Digital marketer

Being a digital marketer is a tricky business. You are always in a hurry to meet some deadline or struggling to attain closely bound KPIs. No matter what your job is, time seems to be always short. However, a digital marketer does not have to go through the digital marketing world without help. Given below are a few tools that every digital marketer must keep in their toolkits.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics must be fitted on your website. The moment your website goes online, you must record all that is happening. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what is working and what is not. Google Analytics is a simple online service that helps your website to keep track of how many visitors visits your site on daily basis, what pages they are viewing, how long they were on your site etc. Moreover, Google offers these services free. Google Analytics is the mainstay for most of the marketing campaigns, helping in making well-informed choices.

Keyword Planner

This tool displays the traffic volume associated with a particular keyword. This allows a marketer to recognize the right keywords and enhance their website to make it appear on the top list of search results.

Peek offers a free service known as Peek. It helps in examining whether your marketing strategies are working or not. Peek offers free evaluations of a website every month. It offers a remarkable understanding into your website and that too for absolutely no charges.


MailChimp is a most preferred tool for thousands of digital marketing professionals through the world. It is an email marketing company, which offers the most substantial free plans in the marketing industry. This email marketer comes equipped with a variety of default templates. Your emails are tracked and it offers some rudimentary analytics built-in as standard.


BuzzSumo is a very effective tool that scans social media platforms looking for blogs and articles and recording how many times each post or article was shared or how much visit each of them received.


Mozinars are the online seminars that last between 45 minutes and one hour. These seminars include topics related to digital marketing. Earlier topics have comprised of the marketing content sharing tips, and guidance on how to grow your email list. All the previous seminars are obtainable on Moz’s website and you can subscribe for the future updates.

Sprout Social

Sprout is a social media organization and arrangement platform. It is quite useful for businesses as it makes it stress-free for them to market their brands to present customers and potential customers through social media platforms.

Facebook’s Power Editor

The Facebook’s Power Editor is a powerful tool for generating and managing marketing campaigns. Facebook is continually enhancing its marketing platform, and they regularly announce new marketing features for its users. If you are new to the paid social marketing services, Power Editor is perhaps the best option, as you do not have to pay a fee to the third party to build and manage your advertisements.


Zendesk offers a full set of tools that can help your customer support teams in answering to the needs and queries of all your customers. The platform collects all your communication networks in one place, which makes it easier to respond the emails, phone calls and chat requests.


LiveChat is one-step ahead when it comes to customer service. It facilitates for you to chat with the individuals who are visiting your website. It implements ‘Chat now’ box on the page of your website that can allow your potential customers to reach you straightaway and also help you effectually answer the questions and inquiries from those visiting your website.

10 Aug 2017

Mobile being used for shopping travel and other activities

Mobile Marketing – An Evolving, Dynamic, Rapid World

Mobile marketing is touted to be the most growing industry and domain in terms of reach, skill requirements and career growth. Day on day we have new users being added to the mobile world.

As advertisers tracking your performance in this complex mobile ecosystem has its own challenges. Few vital stats that we can look at to understand how complex things have become for advertisers are:

  • 57% of the time when we use a smartphone, we are also using another device
  • 75% of the time we use a tablet, we use another device
  • 67% of the time we use a PC, we use another device
  • 77% of the time we use a TV we use another device


With the attention of the users scattered across multiple screens, it becomes imperative that as an advertiser, we capture the attention of the user at the right time and place. You lose the attention of the user for a fraction of second; you’ve lost a potential customer to your business.

Mobile devices are no longer the stand alone devices for calling or texting. The evolution of the mobile over the years and introduction of smart phones has changed the way we use a mobile device. With these palm sized super computers in our hands, the way we communicate, browse, learn information or buy things has changed. A survey was conducted to understand why users use their smartphones for. The responses below are shocking

  • 80% of people use their smart phones for taking a photo or a video
  • 70% of people use their smart phones for emailing
  • 70% use it for browsing the internet
  • 75% people use their smart phones for searching
  • 80% people use their smart phones for watching videos, playing games or listening to music
  • 90% people use their smart phones for social networking

The primary purpose of mobile devices was calling. However calling no longer remains the sole purpose of a mobile device. With the advancement in technology, mobile has become a super computer in our palms.

  • 90% of media that users consume today is screen based media. 38% of this media consumed is accounted by smartphones
  • 67% of online shopping happens across multiple devices. The journey starts from one device and purchase happens on another device
  • Television no longer commands our full attention. 77% of the times a user is watching television, they are connected to another device as well.
  • 19% of online shopping is a planned activity. 81% of online shopping is a spur of the moment activity. This happens on smartphones with the apps and offers

It’s a rat’s race out there and advertisers who do not adapt and evolve in this ever changing dynamic world are bound to stay behind. As Charles Darwin rightly advocated it’s the survival of the fittest. Not just the fittest but the fastest too!

In the next post we will look at tools and metrics that an advertiser needs to focus on to understand their dynamic customers who are on a multi screen world and on the move. Subscribe to your blog of digital marketing updates, news and tips. If you’re looking to learn digital marketing, we @ DIGITALHAT offer customized training modules across the entire ecosystem. To know more visit or you can also reach us on +91-910006600 . You can also join our free seminar on trends in digital marketing on August 19th between 3:00 PM – 5: 00 PM. More details can be found on our FB page    

27 Jun 2017

Business Promotion Ideas with Zero or Little Investment

People relate Digital marketing with social media, well that’s partially correct. Digital Marketing is a broader term that embraces website design, organic SEO, social media, SEM, content and more. In fact, due to lack of knowledge, small scale businesses tend to over complicate their strategies when compared to larger firms.

Here are some handy tips that can help you in promoting your business without much of investment or no investment.

Well-suited Website should be compatible and responsive on all the devices. For developing any website for new business or existing one needs to keep it in mind that website should be able to run properly on every device be it desktop or mobile phones that your content, images, and the structure of the site can adapt in a fluid and flexible way as per the screen. There is a tendency of fall out of perspective customers if they don’t find the website responsive and adjusting.

Interactive Content, let the content on the website do the talking rather than you as a person. Now a day’s people don’t ask each other for the solution or the magic that your business can do. They just type it in Google and look for the solution. It means your content should be such that it is clear, simple, to the point and provides a solution to the problem rather than talking about the number of problems existing in the market in the absence of your promotional product.

The message conveyed through the content should be unique and well mapped so that it helps to fulfil the business objective.

Off Page SEO, generally marketing experts when deals with start-up firms they only talk about on page SEO, to sound more impressive and don’t touch the off-page part of it which could be handy and cost effective. In simpler words off the page, SEO tells the search engine what people are talking about you. The talks could be in the form of mentioning your brand on their brand page, or it could be in the form of sharing URL of your page. By spending only twenty percent of your total time on off page, you can improve your company’s ranking in search engine.

Social Media, started as a common online platform for voicing the opinion and connecting with near and dear ones but lately it is the furor for online marketing and connecting with like-minded professionals. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google+ are few interactive social platforms that can be used for selling products or generating leads without spending much from the pocket. It is astonishing that many firms are still not on social media for marketing.

If you want social media work in your favor, you need to be hyper active, bright and engaging for your promotional material to reach out many.

E-mail Marketing, one of the few simple and most effective way to increase a company’s online sales and build relationships with current and possible customers without spending much money. It also comes to saving when social media limits expansion. Email service providers like MailChimp offering free usage of their platform for nearly 2,000 email addresses.

Also, the click-through rates of these customized emails are much better than any other platform.

People fail to use it as the proper platform for getting more leads cause of poor frame of messages or wrong subject lines. Moreover, sending hundreds of emails to one client with general and same content is not the right way of increasing leads.

Summarizing it in simple words that people have unnecessarily over-hyped the term Digital Media Marketing. It can be simple uncomplicated and quite suitable to your pocket if you use it wisely.