03 Oct 2017

Digital marketer

Being a digital marketer is a tricky business. You are always in a hurry to meet some deadline or struggling to attain closely bound KPIs. No matter what your job is, time seems to be always short. However, a digital marketer does not have to go through the digital marketing world without help. Given below are a few tools that every digital marketer must keep in their toolkits.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics must be fitted on your website. The moment your website goes online, you must record all that is happening. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what is working and what is not. Google Analytics is a simple online service that helps your website to keep track of how many visitors visits your site on daily basis, what pages they are viewing, how long they were on your site etc. Moreover, Google offers these services free. Google Analytics is the mainstay for most of the marketing campaigns, helping in making well-informed choices.

Keyword Planner

This tool displays the traffic volume associated with a particular keyword. This allows a marketer to recognize the right keywords and enhance their website to make it appear on the top list of search results.

Peek offers a free service known as Peek. It helps in examining whether your marketing strategies are working or not. Peek offers free evaluations of a website every month. It offers a remarkable understanding into your website and that too for absolutely no charges.


MailChimp is a most preferred tool for thousands of digital marketing professionals through the world. It is an email marketing company, which offers the most substantial free plans in the marketing industry. This email marketer comes equipped with a variety of default templates. Your emails are tracked and it offers some rudimentary analytics built-in as standard.


BuzzSumo is a very effective tool that scans social media platforms looking for blogs and articles and recording how many times each post or article was shared or how much visit each of them received.


Mozinars are the online seminars that last between 45 minutes and one hour. These seminars include topics related to digital marketing. Earlier topics have comprised of the marketing content sharing tips, and guidance on how to grow your email list. All the previous seminars are obtainable on Moz’s website and you can subscribe for the future updates.

Sprout Social

Sprout is a social media organization and arrangement platform. It is quite useful for businesses as it makes it stress-free for them to market their brands to present customers and potential customers through social media platforms.

Facebook’s Power Editor

The Facebook’s Power Editor is a powerful tool for generating and managing marketing campaigns. Facebook is continually enhancing its marketing platform, and they regularly announce new marketing features for its users. If you are new to the paid social marketing services, Power Editor is perhaps the best option, as you do not have to pay a fee to the third party to build and manage your advertisements.


Zendesk offers a full set of tools that can help your customer support teams in answering to the needs and queries of all your customers. The platform collects all your communication networks in one place, which makes it easier to respond the emails, phone calls and chat requests.


LiveChat is one-step ahead when it comes to customer service. It facilitates for you to chat with the individuals who are visiting your website. It implements ‘Chat now’ box on the page of your website that can allow your potential customers to reach you straightaway and also help you effectually answer the questions and inquiries from those visiting your website.

04 Jul 2017


The most important factor for any business to grow is to reach the target customer with the goods and services at the right time. According to an estimate by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the number of mobile internet users would be around 420 million by June 2017. Another report titled Mobile Internet in India 2016, says that urban India mobile penetration is 51% while that of rural India is 16%. The data component comprises of 65% of the mobile users. The top mobile usage pattern found in urban India is for communication, social networking and entertainment. The question is what is the relevance of the above data for you as an entrepreneur. It is all about the REACHING your customer. As an entrepreneur, leveraging the strength of social media platforms can help you scale your businesses to greater heights and it is very easy.

Step 1: Choose any commodity (clothes, food, beverages, jewellery and many more) for which you want to become an entrepreneur. Invest INR 40,000 in tastefully selecting the commodities and keep rest INR 10,000 for operations and marketing.

Step 2: Facebook offers three platforms for first time entrepreneurs to grow their customer base by targeting the correct segmentation of the population. Entrepreneurs can use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp freely for building their customer bases.

Facebook as business utility tool: Create a page with your chosen business name, build content for your page and link it to other social media platforms if you wish to. Ask your close friends and family for initial “likes” of the page. Later, create adverts by choosing your target audience for promoting your page, promoting your campaign, promoting your post and for many other tasks. Minimum price for an advert in India is INR 40 per day. This will help the entrepreneur build right kind of audience and once you have your bases ready then there is no looking back. You can set-up a shop on your facebook page. After all this hardwork, keep posting and help people buying.

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Instagram as business utility tool: Set-up your business account profile for free on instagram.  Create posts with hashtags and follow users. An audience will follow back and would be your potential customers. Through Instagram business accounts one can get real time metrices on how your business stories are performing and insights on followers would be received. Here also Instagram adverts can be created as was in the case of Facebook page.

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WhatsApp as business utility tool: In terms of business acumen, WhatsApp features have still not been thoroughly explored by Facebook (parent company). Hence, WhatsApp for Business will be soon launched in India. This platform is expected to help small merchants, neighbourhood shops, local traders, doctors and many more for building a target audience. Even though in nascent stage, many WhatsApp business broadcasts are used for customer communication, customer support, marketing, promotion and for selling products. Audience can be built by using local connects, creating competitive campaigns and in many other creative ways.

The focus should be on building content and audience in a creative way by leveraging these freely available tools. Once you have built a good national level reputation, think of exporting outside India. Reach the stars and moon and become rich within the comfort of your home though there is no alternative to hardwork.

Disclaimer: Nupur Srivastava contributed to this article in her personal capacity. The views expressed are her own and do not represent the views of any organization or client she is engaged with.