30 Dec 2017

How to Be a Certified Digital Marketer?

No matter how many digital marketing certifications you have in your profile, unless you put everything you have learned into practice, all the certifications would be nothing but waste of your time and money. However, these certifications can definitely add value to your resume and people start to take you seriously. Given below are a few free digital marketing certifications that you can follow to become a certified digital marketer:

Google Adwords Search Certification

This certification will take you through the basic elements of Digital Marketing. It will help you learn and understand the advantages of online advertising, and changes and developments that have taken place during last few years. It helps in learning to use tools like Keyword tools, targeting tools, bidding and budgeting tools.

Google Shopping Advertising Certification

To get through this certification, you need an on-job experience of managing a shopping campaign to increase your chances of passing the examination. The course teaches about how to create a merchant account, product data feed, and, create and manage a shopping campaign. It also tells about how shopping campaign works and how you can optimize them to the highest level.

YouTube Video Certification

YouTube marketing has become very popular in last few years. YouTube Video Certification allows you to understand the importance and techniques involved in video marketing through channel creation, and their development, augmentation, and monetization.

Google Mobile Advertising Certification

Customized for those who want to specialize in mobile advertising, this certification can be an ideal choice to build and improve your expertise in this field. The certification course educates about the mind-set of mobile users, how you can encourage them to make a decision in a marketer’s favor. It also teaches about strategies pertaining to bidding and targeting, and also how to measure performance and increase conversion rates.

HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification

The duration of this course is a 5-hour class and it helps you learn about SEO techniques, blogging, how to encourage leads and convert them into sales. With all these elements put together, forms the strategies of inbound marketing.

Content Marketing Certification of HubSpot

This certification course focuses on the fundamental difference between Inbound and Content Marketing. It will help you learn about how to create your own content library and also how to make your content more effective and efficient. You will be educated on how to write interesting and informative content, which you can endorse to get fresh leads and convert them into customers.

Accredited Professional Certification by Bing Ads

The main objective of Accredited Professional Certification by Bing Ads is to push forward your prevailing marketing strategies far beyond their current expectations to upsurge your ROI significantly.

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

More than 2 million emails are sent every day by internet users around the world. However, a majority of those emails are not opened by the receiver or goes into the spam folder. This HubSpot course will help you learn the skills on how to create attractive emails and outline your own email marketing plan, using analytics and optimization.

Facebook Blueprint Certification

This Facebook certification course helps you learn how you can utilize the Facebook apps to enhance your business position in the market. Even though this course is free of cost, if you want to receive an official certificate from Facebook, you will have to pay to go through an examination to become certified.

Today it is the world of modern and innovative technology, and there is no way you can deny digital marketing is increasingly becoming popular and on high demand. It has grown from a simply doubtful trend to a substantial inspiration. While you can find a large number of digital marketing courses in the market, to find the one that suits the most to your skills and requirements, will be the one that can make you an effective, inspirational, and certified digital marketer.


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