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Introduction: Introduction to Marketing and the Marketing Concept; Barriers to Marketing Implementation; The Marketing Environment - Political, Economic, Social and Technical Factors; The Market Information System; The Market Research Process - Collecting and Analysing Data; Reporting the Findings.
Marketing Management: Marketing Management and Planning; Organisation and Management of the Marketing Department; Corporate Planning; SWOT Analysis, Competitor Assessment and Business Strategy; Product Portfolio Planning - Models and Management; Developing a Marketing Plan - Implementation and Control; Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.
Brand Management: Brand Management, Strategy and Competitive Advantage, Consumer – Brand Relationship. The Branding Cycle, Brand Positioning and Stretching. Brand Equity and Valuation. Research Methodologies and Tracking Studies.


Digital Marketing:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): The Online Content Factor, Search Engine Algorithms, Impart, Spamming, Online Advertising, Web Keyword Strategy, Link Relevancy, Ranking by Ethical Means. Practical Exercise - BMW Case Study.
Search Engine Link Management: White Hat Optimisation, Link Exchange, Web Directories, Long Term Online Planning, Web Analytics, Web Page Tagging, Server Log File Interpretation, Building Quality Online Links, Link Farms and Online Link Exchanges, Site Maps.
Analysing the Web: Website Hits, Page View Analytics, Recording Online Visitor Statistics, Time of Visit to Website, Keyword Phrase Used, IP Address Information, Web Arrival and Exit Pages, Logfile versus Page Tagging, Web Click Tracks and Google Analytics, Benefits of Web Analytics.
The Google Factor: Google Adwords features; Adwords Policies; Google Adwords Distribution; Google Adwords Pricing and Ranking; Internet Position Performance; Google Online Account Creation and Navigation; Google Keyword Matching; Google Location Targeting; Google Web Text Ad Creation; Google Online Reports, Analytics and Conversion Tracking
Authority Internet Sites: Definition, Authority Site Formula, Visitor Optimisation, Contact Optimisation, Creative Digital Marketing, Anatomy of an Authority Site, General Domains, Sub Domains, Creating an Effective Authority Site, RSS Feeds, Interactivity Onsite, Consistency, Points to Blog.

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Research Based Internship
Placement Assistance
Hands-on Projects and Assignments
Adwords Certification
Course Completion Certificate
Free Demo Classes
Practical Training - Learn on real live projects for individuals
24X7 Support - 24X7 Support via online assistance
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    A great short course to remind me of how to prioritise tasks. Particularly useful following a career change with new challenges and has helped me focus on how to achieve what I need to on a daily basis – Helen Jenkins – Consultant Legal Counsel

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    Created my first logo, that was awesome!

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Digital Marketing

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Course Content: Marketing: Introduction: Introduction to Marketing and the Marketing Concept; Barriers to Marketing Implementation; The Marketing ...