Do you have Passion for Writing? Simply Write and Mint Money!

I’ve never ever thought that I would be earning money through Internet. Like any other normal Indian student, I also had the same plan. Complete degree, get placed in any one of the IT giants of our country and lead a normal life. But, I never thought that I would sidestep from that plan and pursue my passion for writing. It all started on a fateful day.

I was always interested in writing. I got the habit of reading in my teens. I instantly got connected to fictional and fantasy novels and started reading them regularly. I got hooked onto them and they became my addiction. I was awestruck by the amount of impact writing can have on a person. I made the decision that I also wanted to become a writer and inspire people.

But, I had no idea how to pursue this passion. I was already in the third year of my degree and changing stream was not a possible option. I thought of starting afresh but it was not a good idea practically because that would mean the last three years of my life went down the drain. It was not like I didn’t want the IT job. It just wasn’t my passion. It didn’t excite me.

Just when I thought that it’s time to keep my passion aside, be practical and start preparing for my campus interviews, I stumbled upon a golden opportunity. As I was browsing the Internet, I came across the article that you could earn money by writing online. I read the article further and as I kept reading, my excitement kept increasing. I could pursue my passion.

I was more than happy that there was someone in this world, sitting million of miles away from me but could provide me the opportunity to be a writer. Then again, my excitement subdued and I became a little apprehensive. I didn’t have any professional training in writing. I was just passionate about it. What if I was not good enough or I didn’t have the required skills to be a professional writer?
Just then a proverb struck my mind and decided I would go ahead. The journey of million miles begins with a single step. I went ahead, took the risk and started looking for opportunities that provided freelance writing work. It was a bit difficult in the beginning but that is when the random writings I put across in my spare time came to the rescue. People were impressed by my writing style and asked me to write one article.

As they say, the rest is history. That one article turned into hundreds of articles, blogs, guest posts etc. The icing on the cake is I am earning more than sufficient money. A writer is like wine, he gets better with age and experience.

As I am about to finish this article, flashbacks of me writing my first article come across my mind. I believed in myself and took the risk of pursuing my passion. If you also have the passion for writing, wait no longer. Take the first step boldly and simply write. I am telling you, nothing in the world compares to the joy of creating magic with words.

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