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16 Feb 2018

The Future of Digital Marketing: 7 Innovative Growth Hacking Tools for Digital Marketers

Growth hacking remains one of the most talked about terms when it comes to digital marketing and start-ups, both of which go hand in hand together. So, what do growth hackers do? They use their expertise, of a product or service, and use indigenous, technology-based methods to market the product. It is a very unconventional yet effective approach to marketing.

There are many growth hacking tools which can be used to bolster your digital marketing strategy. Some of them are discussed below:

You can analyze your audience using this tool. You can even get an idea of what they’re searching for exactly which lands them directly to your competitor’s doorstep. It helps a firm to restructure its SEO efforts and makes your product more visible to the users. Coupled with Google analytics, it could help to measure the effectiveness of your growth hacking approach.


Created by the father of Growth Hacking himself, Sean Ellis, Qualaroo helps a firm study its customer’s browsing pattern and helps in identifying what the customer needs. It’s an effective tool to engage more with your audience and in turn grow as a brand. It is most commonly taught as part of many Digital Marketing Training courses. It isn’t that difficult to learn.

Infusion soft

It is an effective automated marketing tool adapted by start-ups nowadays. It automatically helps you follow up to potential leads. It ranks your leads by a “prospect ranking” approach. You can easily communicate with your leads by means of email marketing and by means of social media platforms as well.

Crazy Egg

This growth hacking tool helps you study online customer behavior of your website. It helps us identify the number of clicks and helps identify which section of the page is least engaging. This way we can introduce constructive changes to the website to make it more engaging.


From email marketing to generating page analytics, Marketo does it all. It helps pace up your marketing campaign and helps spread your material on social media platforms.


Zapier helps to connect all your social media platforms into one single platform. It helps the smooth transition of your marketing content from the website directly to the social media audience. It can support up to 300 applications at a time.

It is often taught in Digital Marketing courses that seamless transition of digital marketing material to the social media is really important to enhance consumer interaction with your product.

Hub Spot

It is an effective growth hacking tool to help in the inbound marketing of your product or service. It helps take your brand to the next level by helping you engage with your customers on Blog Sites, landing pages, social media platforms and of course through email marketing as well.

Growth hacking is no cup of tea for any organization. With the right use of technology and resources, your brand can be elevated to the next level.

The right use of growth hacking tools can be learned from several top Digital Marketing courses, helping us identify which tool best suits our digital marketing strategy.



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