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20 Nov 2017

Google Analytics Interview Questions & Answers

In November 2005, Google introduced the Google Analytics. It is a free service offered to analyse website platforms offered by Google. It monitors and reports website movement or traffic. Given below are a few Google Analytics interview questions and answers:

1. What is the Google Analytics and what is its main objective?
Ans. Google Analytics is a web analytics program, which is used to keep track of the website traffic. The main objective of this software is to evaluate website information and take steps to improve the performance and revenue.

2. What are conversions?
Ans. Conversions take place when any predetermined goals are achieved in the form of return on investment in a business. It means that when a user buys something, it is considered as conversion. We can use Google Analytics to track conversions.

3. Define a session?
Ans. A session is a group of user interactions with your website that takes place within a given time frame.

4. What is KPI in Analytics?
Ans. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. KPI assists the business to evaluate their websites depending on the business objective.

5. What is meant by segments in Analytics?
Ans. Segments are the subcategory of data in total data.

6. What is the meaning of events in Google Analytics?
Ans. Events are the interactions between user and content that could be monitored individually from a web page.

7. What are goals in Google analytics?
Ans. The goal defined as once the user activity completed any activity that contributes to the success of the business.

8. What is benchmarking?
Ans. Benchmarking helps in comparing the data with the market-based aggregates.

9. What is Bounce Rate?
Ans. Bounce Rate is the ratio of users who do not usually visit further than the home page of a website as it shows the lack of interest in users towards the website.

10. What is Funnel in Goals?
Ans. The number of pages that a user is expected to go through to arrive at the target page to achieve the goal is termed as Funnel.

11. Can the existing goals be deleted in Google Analytics?
Ans. No, they cannot be deleted, but you can stop recording by inactivating the goal.

12. What is a custom event in Google Analytics?
Ans. Custom events are used to monitor the changes in a precise metric.

14. What is a purpose of Acquisition Reports?
Ans. Helps in analysing the source of website traffic.

15. What are Experiments in Google Analytics?
Ans. An experiment is a tool that is utilized to evaluate the outcomes of marketing campaigns with different designs.

16. Define attribution in Google Analytics?
Ans. Attribution is a rule or set of rules, that helps in determining how to assign credit for sales and conversions at every touch point in the funnel.

17. What is Real-time data?
Ans. Real-time data reflects the current traffic and visitor information of a website.

18. What is meant by Average Load Time?
Ans. Average load time is the average amount of time that is used by a website to load in a web browser.

These are only a few most commonly asked Google analytics interview questions. There are several other sources available to answer many more questions.


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