How Hard Rock Café added 10000 fans in a week on Facebook

Facebook marketing ad campaigns are a rocket science to many and killer ad campaigns don’t come every day. For an online ad campaign, Facebook is the most preferred platform for its features, audiences, and insights.

Over the past few years, there have been some great viral campaigns that have brought brands to the limelight. And, it’s not just about branding, there’s a lot of ROI generated from these campaigns.










Some great ad campaigns on Facebook:
• The Ice Bucket Challenge (ALS Association)
• Like A Girl (Procter & Gamble)
• #KissaLot (LOT Polish Airlines)
• Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo (Pidilite)
• Aviva Padding up with Sachin (Aviva Life Insurance)
• Mauka Mauka (Star Sports)

All these campaigns got awesome response. This is because of this new and radical approach they have taken. The ingredients of these campaigns are the 4Es instead of the 4Ps. Experience instead of Product, Everywhere instead of Place, Exchange instead of Price, and Evangelism instead of Promotion.
And then there’s the campaign of Hard Rock Café. It’s unique on its own!

Hard Rock Café Facebook ad Campaign Highlights:
• 10K + likes in a span of one week
• More than 2500 visits per day
• 1500% increase in traffic

As a theme based restaurant that has many outlets in the country, Hard Rock Café wanted to increase the number of outlets in India. To spread the word about these new centers, they used the social media turf. They used it effectively and efficiently.

They realized that if they could successfully relate the brand story to their target audience, they would be able to increase the number of customers to their new outlets. They chose to do this with interesting stories and updates that matched the psychographics of their target audience. That’s wicked awesome!

They chose Facebook and Twitter as they found out that their target audiences were using these platforms more.

Campaign objective:
• The social media platform should pool in followers in order to spread the brand aura
• Facebook should provide all the updates of rock concerts and other events to local and national audience
• Increase the number of local bands that perform in the cafes
• Generate more participants to these performances
• Convert rock music lovers to visitors of cafes in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, & Hyderabad
Campaign approach:
• Running contests, surveys, & polls
• Creating Facebook pages for each regional centers, which was supported by the main page
• Creating awareness about events, shows, & competitions
• Providing vital information
• Creative copywriting with lines like “Love all, Serve all” that created a feel good factor about the brand

Key Takeaways:
• You can reach many kinds of audiences on social media platforms
• Campaigns can be created based on demographics, gender, age, location, and psychographics
• Creating emotionally connecting campaign is vital to make it viral
• Hard Rock Café was successful as it devised creative campaigns to reach out rock music lovers
• They were able to increase the number of followers on Facebook, which was influential in visits to cafes

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