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30 Mar 2018

How To Optimize The Content To Rank For Voice Search In SEO?

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, searching through keywords will no longer be used by us because of the advanced technology of searching the World Wide Web with your voice. It is not only limited to searching on the web but to also make sure your other tasks are done on a smartphone much easier way. Voice search enables you to voice dial, launching programs, searching for content in your audio and video files, selecting options and much more. This feature has been installed on various Smartphone for a long time but has now become a lot more popular. Even though voice search is more like a software feature, now it has become a service.

Voice search is being used to search all over the internet and to get the best results possible without any problem. This is why it is essential for blogs, writers and companies to understand how to optimize your content to rank for voice search in SEO. This enables the stakeholders to stay more relevant and get more and more hits on their content with the help of voice search. Advanced SEO training institutes provide various courses to understand the relationship between SEO and voice search.

There are certain strategies one can use to optimize the content to rank for Voice search in SEO. These are:

First things First

All the important keywords should come in the initial paragraphs. More and more pages of those specific topics consisting of the important keywords must be made. This is because the voice search has more of a conversational type of search rather than a technical one. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot about the most used keywords and how they should be incorporated into your content in order to optimize it in terms of SEO and voice search.

Get Listed in Google’s Answer Box

Getting your blogs, websites and in short, your content listed in Google’ Answer Box allows you to be more relevant to the voice search of Google. This increases the chances of your content being more visible on the Google search after being searched about through voice search. This enables to get your content the most amounts of hits in terms of viewership. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot of information regarding the functionality of Google’s Answer Box.

Make the Content Conversational

Voice search has this feature of talking to your smart device in the form of conversation. This is one of the most likeable features of voice search. If your content has the most of its keywords in the initial paragraph and the initial paragraph is more or less like a conversation, there are very high chances of your content being listed in top results of voice search. This makes your content more visible in this method of searching.

Mobile Friendly

This is not a new concept but it is highly important in the voice search scenario. With more and more people indulging in everyday searching via voice search, all your website and blogs and other content should be mobile friendly. If your websites and blogs still operational only on the desktop, then there is no chance that your content is listed in the voice search results. This is because people use voice search from their phone.

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