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06 Jan 2018

Importance of Local SEO 3 Pack Search Results on Google

It doesn’t matter whether you own a brick and mortar business or a retail store, showing up in Google’s local SEO 3 pack is a necessity for you to increase the visibility of your business.

Google Local 3 pack

If you type ‘restaurants’ in the Google search box, in the search results you will see a list of restaurants located in your part of the city. With Local 3 Pack, Google is working towards providing its users with the information that is most relevant to them. So in the search results, the restaurants most relevant for you will be shown. In simple words, your geographical location will decide which restaurants will be presented with the result. These listings are shown at the top of the search result page in a special box together with a map.

Importance of Local 3 Pack for your business

Numerous businesses have seen a decrease in their website traffic and phone calls to their business for the reason that they are not listed anymore. Nevertheless, others say that even though their website traffic is low, the quality of their leads is much better. If a local search conducted by a user shows the result with 3-pack, it can always be seen at the top of the page, with a map. It is especially good for businesses that are making sincere efforts to connect with more customers using Google Search Engine. The business in Local 3 pack not only appears at the top of the search results, they are quite noticeable too. The Local 3 pack is quite compatible with a mobile screen, and since according to some estimation, 50% of mobile searches are done to find local facilities, appearing in the Local 3 pack become a lot more important.

How to modify your local 3 pack strategy:

Fill correct information on your Google My Business page

A majority of your local business information like address, contact information, website address, images, etc are taken from your Google My Business page. Therefore, it is important that you fill correct and complete information about your business so that more and more people could reach out to you at the right place and right time.

Get encouraging review on Google

Google has taken out the details regarding phone numbers and precise addresses from search results, however, the starred ratings and reviews are always visible. As a result, if you are hoping to see your business in top 3 and rise in your website traffic, you need to get a large number of positive reviews. Moreover, not just in the Google reviews, you need the reviews in the local directory page as well.

Mention correct opening and closing hours

Every local business listing also includes the working hours of the business. Make sure that you specify your company’s accurate opening hours on your Google My Business page. Do not mention vague timings otherwise if an enquirer calls at your business place and you are not there to respond, they can report the given details as inaccurate and your brand can suffer because of this.

Specify your brand identity

To ensure that your business does appear in relevant local searches over your competitors, you need to make the search terms associated with your business as explicit as possible. Like, try for ‘Indian restaurant’ than just ‘restaurant’. The target must be as specific as possible based on what local residents search for to appear in the local SEO 3 pack.

Enhance your SEO strategy

To appear in the Local 3 pack search results on Google, improve your SEO strategies for listing your pages and its content. Try to get the maximum value out of it by adding your City or Region, relevant keywords, etc. within the elements of your landing page. Moreover, inserting a Google map on your landing page can also help with the local SEO listings and bring your business in the top 3.


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