10 Aug 2017

Mobile Marketing - An Evolving, Dynamic, Rapid World

Mobile Marketing - An Evolving, Dynamic, Rapid World

Mobile marketing is touted to be the most growing industry and domain in terms of reach, skill requirements and career growth. Day on day we have new users being added to the mobile world.

As advertisers tracking your performance in this complex mobile ecosystem has its own challenges. Few vital stats that we can look at to understand how complex things have become for advertisers are:

  • 57% of the time when we use a smartphone, we are also using another device
  • 75% of the time we use a tablet, we use another device
  • 67% of the time we use a PC, we use another device
  • 77% of the time we use a TV we use another device


With the attention of the users scattered across multiple screens, it becomes imperative that as an advertiser, we capture the attention of the user at the right time and place. You lose the attention of the user for a fraction of second; you’ve lost a potential customer to your business.

Mobile devices are no longer the stand alone devices for calling or texting. The evolution of the mobile over the years and introduction of smart phones has changed the way we use a mobile device. With these palm sized super computers in our hands, the way we communicate, browse, learn information or buy things has changed. A survey was conducted to understand why users use their smartphones for. The responses below are shocking

  • 80% of people use their smart phones for taking a photo or a video
  • 70% of people use their smart phones for emailing
  • 70% use it for browsing the internet
  • 75% people use their smart phones for searching
  • 80% people use their smart phones for watching videos, playing games or listening to music
  • 90% people use their smart phones for social networking

The primary purpose of mobile devices was calling. However calling no longer remains the sole purpose of a mobile device. With the advancement in technology, mobile has become a super computer in our palms.

  • 90% of media that users consume today is screen based media. 38% of this media consumed is accounted by smartphones
  • 67% of online shopping happens across multiple devices. The journey starts from one device and purchase happens on another device
  • Television no longer commands our full attention. 77% of the times a user is watching television, they are connected to another device as well.
  • 19% of online shopping is a planned activity. 81% of online shopping is a spur of the moment activity. This happens on smartphones with the apps and offers

It’s a rat’s race out there and advertisers who do not adapt and evolve in this ever changing dynamic world are bound to stay behind. As Charles Darwin rightly advocated it’s the survival of the fittest. Not just the fittest but the fastest too!

In the next post we will look at tools and metrics that an advertiser needs to focus on to understand their dynamic customers who are on a multi screen world and on the move. Subscribe to your blog of digital marketing updates, news and tips. If you’re looking to learn digital marketing, we @ DIGITALHAT offer customized training modules across the entire ecosystem. To know more visit www.digitalhat.in or you can also reach us on +91-910006600 . You can also join our free seminar on trends in digital marketing on August 19th between 3:00 PM – 5: 00 PM. More details can be found on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/DigitalHatInstitute    


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