Digital Marketing Rising

05 Jun 2017

News Alert: Digital Market is Rising, Upgrade Yourself!

As per the survey conducted across Naukri, Nasscom, Glassdoor, Google trends, GitHub and Twitter recruitment sources, the demand and supply for various job positions has witnessed an imbalance. The results were a great dip in the supply of digital marketers in the job market than the current requirement. HR experts reveal that companies are struggling to find good quality candidates for these roles outside the organizations, while existing employees are getting laid off.

It has been reported that major IT organizations are laying off their employees. This grief was taken up to the social media to show their discontent with this move being ignorant of the reasons behind the decision. One of the major reasons is that, almost 70% of the software employees were not adapting to the new changes in the market. The loop hole starts at the university level as the curriculum hasn’t been upgraded yet to the new changes in the market. This gap currently is being bridged by independent institutions offering the relevant certification courses that the market requires.

Currently, the market has seen a rising demand in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning robotics, Social Media and Digital Marketing  fields where the supply of employees is low.

This is compelling various organizations to hire newbie’s with lesser skills and conducting on job training sessions for the growth of the business. This is a huge investment done by the organizations to train their employees and get them on board. A bright side to this is that compensations tend to be higher where skill supply is low. The job opportunities in this field helps one earn huge salaries when compared to the regular software jobs in the industry.


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