09 Mar 2018

Google Adwords Interview Questions

Google ads are one of the most versatile advertising tools in the industry today. It requires that an advertiser pay a certain fee to have their product, small advertisement or video content be displayed on the Google network.

A person can become a Google AdWords specialist as well. It is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the market today. Google AdWords Certification is a professional certification offered by Google. This is given to individuals who have a basic or advanced understanding of Google AdWords. The certification gives the person to exercise themselves as Google Certified AdWords Specialists.

The training is available at a number of AdWords Training Institutes which are spread across the country. They give you the basic understanding of the course moving up to the advanced level. They also give intensive training as to how to face potential interviewers and also on the type of Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face.

Some of the most common questions asked during interviews are:

What exactly does the term ‘Google AdWords’ mean?

Google AdWords is a marketing provision provided by Google where products or content are displayed on Google search engine and on its affiliated sites. It is displayed in the form of text or in the form of a visual advertisement.

Why should we use Google AdWords?

Google makes sure that the web traffic is directed towards the merchant website. The traffic consists of genuine buyers only, thereby helping you increase sales as well.

What is Ad Rank?

An Ad rank determines the position on the ad on the Google Page. The rank is determined by a customer’s bid to a particular keyword.

What is the working process of Google Auction?

Google runs a number of auctions per month. In this auction, customers interested in a particular keyword are to pay for it and secure it. Once the bid is secured, an Ad rank is allotted which is again related to the cost per click for the advertisement.

Briefly describe what is Google Quality Score.

The Quality Score is an indicator of the visibility and effectiveness of your ad. This is again deeply influenced by the quality of image used, keyword relevance used and ad layout. Higher the Quality Score, higher will be the ranking and you will end up saving a lot of money on your ad as well.

Briefly explain what is conversion optimizer.

Conversion Optimizer is a bid manipulation tool which helps decide as to which click on a Google Ad will add value to it. This helps in securing a better return on investment.

Briefly explain as to how one can greatly improve on conversion rates.

An Ad designer must make sure that the ad matches perfectly with the keywords and also that the ad is created using tightly themed ad groups. This ensures the authenticity of the ad and hence will lead to a higher conversation rate.

List some of the Google Ad Extensions.

Some of the various Google Ad extensions are as follows:

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extensions
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Offer Ads
  • Communication Ad

What is the most decisive factor when it comes to determining your exact ad position?

The most decisive factor for determining the accurate position of your ad is the Cost per Click. Second, comes the click-through rate, or simply CTR.

What is the formula for calculating Return on Ad Spend(ROAS)?

It is mathematically represented as the ratio between total sales by total amount spent.

What is brand match modifier? How is it denoted?

The Brand match modifier helps us generate keywords which have more reach in comparison to other keywords. Including brand modified keywords highly increases the number of clicks on a particular ad and also increases the conversion rate significantly. The Brand Match Modifier is denoted by a plus symbol (+) which is right in front of the keyword generated by the modifier.

What are the factors which affect the quality of a page?

The inclusion of relevant keywords, page load time, originality of content, transparency, etc. are some of the factors which determine the quality of a page.

These were twelve of the most commonly asked Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face. Make sure you join an apt AdWords Training Institute in order to keep yourself better prepared to face an interview in the future.