22 Jan 2018

Digital marketing interview questions

There cannot be something better than having the opportunity to face an interview in the company that you have always expected to work for. As a digital marketing manager who has just stepped into the competitive world of jobs, you would definitely want to know what the interviewer might be looking forward to asking you. Here is a list of some digital marketing interview questions that you should expect while you face an interview for your position.

Why did you leave your previous job and how long do you think you want to remain employed with our company?

To answer the first part of the question give professional answers such as looking forward to better prospects or desire to be associated with a famous brand or a company.  You can also give reasons for your job has been outsourced or your company has been merged or acquired.  Abstain from giving reasons like your company was not a good one. You left because of work pressure or you were not getting a promotion etc.

To answer how long you wish to stay with the present company don’t hurriedly announce that you are looking to gain experience for a short period. A company spends much time and money on you in different ways when you join. The employer will lose no time in crossing your name out of the list. An answer like – “I have been gaining experience to join an esteemed company as yours and I would like to exploit my work skills here so I can enhance my knowledge on the profession while working here.”

Tell me your work experience and how has it helped you develop your career?

This is an important section and will determine what you know and have learned in your past job. Use words like – prioritization, organization, working in a team, sound judgment, reasoning etc.

Did you help your company gain in sales? If yes, then explain the strategies that you used.

The answer should always be ‘YES’. Explain some strategies that you used in your previous job – explain about how you use social media platform, SEO, usage of keywords, link website pages using keyword phrases, Pay Per Click advertising etc. to boost the sale of your company.

How do you handle critical situations at work?

Use these phrases to form your sentences – calm down myself, keep an optimistic view, make a swift plan to handle the situation, trust my knowledge and intuition, take quick decision and execute.

Can you handle pressure at work and effectively complete your targets?

Again your answer should be ‘YES’. You can say you motivate yourself by taking a break once a week to clear your head. So, once you go back to work you are full of new ideas and have the necessary zing to achieve your targets.

How will you handle a team that has a person who doesn’t like you?

Your reply should be a tactful one. Say that you will make sure that negative feeling will not impact the work. Also, add that you will find opportunities to interact with our colleague and discuss on how you can make things better between us. Also, a person’s opinions should not undermine one’s self-esteem. Every individual has a different view on things and we need to discuss and come to a mutual conclusion to help complete the task perfectly and on time.

Why did you pick digital marketing as your career? What attracts you to this profession?

You need to speak about the potential you see in this industry and how digital marketing is a profession that will sustain in the near future. The position of a digital marketer is definitely a beneficial one and it offers attractive salary and incentives. Not forgetting that you get to work with good brands. To take the credit for boosting the sales of the company and to help with its brand recognition is definitely a position to be proud of.

Which is/are the most effective type/types of digital marketing and why?

Think about which type of digital marketing tool has proved to be the best when you applied in your earlier work. You can mention about your prior experience and how you succeeded in it. You can give a rough idea of where your company was when you took over a certain campaign and what was the final result. You can use percentage when you speak about the campaign.

Do you think you can have a successful career in digital marketing?

YES, mention about how world is already gone digital and how things are already changing when it comes to being digital.

What do you hate about digital marketing?

Please be tactful while answering this question. You don’t have to be negative about anything. You can say that this is your profession and you are comfortable while handling tasks related to digital marketing. There is no job that doesn’t come with targets and associated with those targets are a string of difficulties but digital marketing is your forte and you know how to work towards your goals and targets as you overcome small hinders professionally.

What special skills do you have in digital marketing that you think will benefit our company?

Each one of us has a certain set of skills. Speak about your knowledge about digital marketing and what you have done in your earlier job to benefit the company. You have to present yourself in a way that will make you look valuable and an asset to the company. Your practical knowledge about digital marketing is what will work here.

Where does traditional marketing stand today?

As a digital marketing person you are well aware of what traditional marketing and its position in your region.

Do you think digital marketing will replace traditional marketing in future?

Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing fast. But we are also aware of many traditional marketing techniques that still exist. You can perhaps mention about some of them. Conclude by saying that although digital marketing has almost taken over traditional marketing, the orthodox way of marketing is still liked by a certain section of the society. Companies will always keep a traditional marketing alive for some people who like it. But digital marketing is what we are going to see in the near future.

Questions related to different types of digital marketing. Difference between them and their advantages and disadvantages.

This is where your education comes in. Give direct answers and don’t forget to add examples.

Situational questions such as how would you go about increasing our target audience on Twitter or which social media platform will you select to promote a specific product and how would you do it?

As a digital marketing person you are already familiar with this type of work. In fact you have experience from your prior work. Give a crisp and clear answer.

We are living in a digital world and you have the necessary expertise to help a company grow in sales while also helping it to enhance its brand awareness in the digital world. Although knowledge about your job, the current evaluation methods and digital technologies is important; you need to be confident while presenting you skills to the interviewer. Confidence and enthusiasm in your words show that you will show the same skills in your work.  You may not be able to give a satisfactory answer to the interviewer but always show that you are a one with a strong willpower and has the ability to deliver results.