30 Mar 2018

Advanced SEO training institute

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, searching through keywords will no longer be used by us because of the advanced technology of searching the World Wide Web with your voice. It is not only limited to searching on the web but to also make sure your other tasks are done on a smartphone much easier way. Voice search enables you to voice dial, launching programs, searching for content in your audio and video files, selecting options and much more. This feature has been installed on various Smartphone for a long time but has now become a lot more popular. Even though voice search is more like a software feature, now it has become a service.

Voice search is being used to search all over the internet and to get the best results possible without any problem. This is why it is essential for blogs, writers and companies to understand how to optimize your content to rank for voice search in SEO. This enables the stakeholders to stay more relevant and get more and more hits on their content with the help of voice search. Advanced SEO training institutes provide various courses to understand the relationship between SEO and voice search.

There are certain strategies one can use to optimize the content to rank for Voice search in SEO. These are:

First things First

All the important keywords should come in the initial paragraphs. More and more pages of those specific topics consisting of the important keywords must be made. This is because the voice search has more of a conversational type of search rather than a technical one. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot about the most used keywords and how they should be incorporated into your content in order to optimize it in terms of SEO and voice search.

Get Listed in Google’s Answer Box

Getting your blogs, websites and in short, your content listed in Google’ Answer Box allows you to be more relevant to the voice search of Google. This increases the chances of your content being more visible on the Google search after being searched about through voice search. This enables to get your content the most amounts of hits in terms of viewership. Advanced SEO training institutes teach a lot of information regarding the functionality of Google’s Answer Box.

Make the Content Conversational

Voice search has this feature of talking to your smart device in the form of conversation. This is one of the most likeable features of voice search. If your content has the most of its keywords in the initial paragraph and the initial paragraph is more or less like a conversation, there are very high chances of your content being listed in top results of voice search. This makes your content more visible in this method of searching.

Mobile Friendly

This is not a new concept but it is highly important in the voice search scenario. With more and more people indulging in everyday searching via voice search, all your website and blogs and other content should be mobile friendly. If your websites and blogs still operational only on the desktop, then there is no chance that your content is listed in the voice search results. This is because people use voice search from their phone.

Why choose Digital hat?

DigitalHat is the perfect Advanced SEO training institute for all those who have small to no knowledge at all in digital marketing. Our designed course starts at the very basic level and explains every small part of digital marketing to the learners a broadway. So, if you have the passion to learn you can definitely learn everything from this institute quickly.

23 Mar 2018

Digital Marketing Training Courses

Artificial Intelligence was one of the concepts that were completely unimaginable. Today, it is taking over the entire world, industry by industry. Huge technology companies like Google, Facebook, Opera, etc. are investing all of their resources and finance into Artificial Intelligence. Most of them have come up with interesting platforms while the others are working daily to enhance and improve the existing features in various types of Artificial Intelligence models. The idea behind Artificial Intelligence is simple. It is to make intelligent machines that have various human traits like knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning and ability to manipulate and move objects.

Imagine how powerful a sector like digital marketing can become when all these traits are combined to do the same. Digital marketing is a method of promoting products, services, and brands through all the digital means of communication that can be spread across masses. This means that digital marketing, when combined with Artificial Intelligence, can create things we never thought could ever exist. Various Digital marketing training courses with respect to Artificial Intelligence are being conducted so that the great inventions and brand promotion techniques can be seen in the future.

The ways in which Artificial Intelligence can enhance digital marketing and hence more and more digital marketing training courses are being held are listed here.

Understand and predict customer behavior

This will make the jobs of the target audience much easier. Once the artificial intelligence system is aware of your characteristics, it will be able to predict your next move without you commanding or even thinking about it. This will create a sort of personalized robot for each one of us.

Smarter search, smarter ads, and smarter customer service

Artificial intelligence, when combined with digital marketing, will customize your search list in such a way as if it is your own mind. The ads you will get on digital media will literally be about the products you want at the moment and most importantly many websites and apps will be able to help you out every second you need them with the help of their artificial intelligence automated systems.

Forecasting sales

Artificial intelligence, when mixed with the digital means, will not only benefit the customers but also be of great advantage to the creators, manufacturers and other businesses. The most unpredictable means in our ledger books is the real outcome of sales. Sales are the biggest form of revenue for most businesses and if they do not meet the right targets they end up getting in a loss. With artificial intelligence, knowing the right amount of sales without them happening in the real-time becomes possible.

Advertising gets the right boost

Another way in which artificial intelligence and digital marketing work in favor of the companies are that they provide such a platform where the ads created are only marketed to the audience who is interested or is sure to buy it. This means that advertisers get to save a lot of money. This is mainly why companies are getting involved in digital marketing training courses so that their employees know the latest technology and help in benefitting the company.

A digital hat is one such very renowned company that offers digital marketing training courses. So, you can definitely take our help to know more about this concept. A question might rise to many minds that why to choose Digital hat. The answer is explained here.

Why choose Digital hat:

DigitalHat covers all the strategies of digital marketing in a very practical approach. So, every single vital part of digital marketing starting from SEO, SEM, Web designing, affiliate marketing, content marketing etc. are covered by us. Even if you are eager to learn about the latest evolution of digital marketing, a Digital hat is the best destination for that.

09 Mar 2018

Google Adwords Interview Questions

Google ads are one of the most versatile advertising tools in the industry today. It requires that an advertiser pay a certain fee to have their product, small advertisement or video content be displayed on the Google network.

A person can become a Google AdWords specialist as well. It is also one of the most in-demand jobs in the market today. Google AdWords Certification is a professional certification offered by Google. This is given to individuals who have a basic or advanced understanding of Google AdWords. The certification gives the person to exercise themselves as Google Certified AdWords Specialists.

The training is available at a number of AdWords Training Institutes which are spread across the country. They give you the basic understanding of the course moving up to the advanced level. They also give intensive training as to how to face potential interviewers and also on the type of Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face.

Some of the most common questions asked during interviews are:

What exactly does the term ‘Google AdWords’ mean?

Google AdWords is a marketing provision provided by Google where products or content are displayed on Google search engine and on its affiliated sites. It is displayed in the form of text or in the form of a visual advertisement.

Why should we use Google AdWords?

Google makes sure that the web traffic is directed towards the merchant website. The traffic consists of genuine buyers only, thereby helping you increase sales as well.

What is Ad Rank?

An Ad rank determines the position on the ad on the Google Page. The rank is determined by a customer’s bid to a particular keyword.

What is the working process of Google Auction?

Google runs a number of auctions per month. In this auction, customers interested in a particular keyword are to pay for it and secure it. Once the bid is secured, an Ad rank is allotted which is again related to the cost per click for the advertisement.

Briefly describe what is Google Quality Score.

The Quality Score is an indicator of the visibility and effectiveness of your ad. This is again deeply influenced by the quality of image used, keyword relevance used and ad layout. Higher the Quality Score, higher will be the ranking and you will end up saving a lot of money on your ad as well.

Briefly explain what is conversion optimizer.

Conversion Optimizer is a bid manipulation tool which helps decide as to which click on a Google Ad will add value to it. This helps in securing a better return on investment.

Briefly explain as to how one can greatly improve on conversion rates.

An Ad designer must make sure that the ad matches perfectly with the keywords and also that the ad is created using tightly themed ad groups. This ensures the authenticity of the ad and hence will lead to a higher conversation rate.

List some of the Google Ad Extensions.

Some of the various Google Ad extensions are as follows:

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extensions
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Offer Ads
  • Communication Ad

What is the most decisive factor when it comes to determining your exact ad position?

The most decisive factor for determining the accurate position of your ad is the Cost per Click. Second, comes the click-through rate, or simply CTR.

What is the formula for calculating Return on Ad Spend(ROAS)?

It is mathematically represented as the ratio between total sales by total amount spent.

What is brand match modifier? How is it denoted?

The Brand match modifier helps us generate keywords which have more reach in comparison to other keywords. Including brand modified keywords highly increases the number of clicks on a particular ad and also increases the conversion rate significantly. The Brand Match Modifier is denoted by a plus symbol (+) which is right in front of the keyword generated by the modifier.

What are the factors which affect the quality of a page?

The inclusion of relevant keywords, page load time, originality of content, transparency, etc. are some of the factors which determine the quality of a page.

These were twelve of the most commonly asked Google AdWords interview questions one could possibly face. Make sure you join an apt AdWords Training Institute in order to keep yourself better prepared to face an interview in the future.

01 Mar 2018

Learn Google Adsense

You probably heard it from your well known YouTuber companions or in the news how much an ‘XYZ’ YouTuber earned from one specific video. How would you think one profit from recordings?

You don’t just transfer a video and begin earning when you begin getting views. Indeed, you do require views for gaining cash through YouTube Ads yet that isn’t all, there is one more vital advancement engaged in the procedure of YouTube AdSense profit. The essential advance is to make an AdSense account.

To produce YouTube AdSense profit you should associate the two records with a specific end goal to be qualified to benefit YouTube AdSense cash per view. Once you get a good knowledge of Google Adsense, you are good to go.

Learn Google Adsense! What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is a unit of Google, concentrated on putting advertisements in recordings on various channels. The sponsors can distribute their advertisements through AdSense on various media.

The advertisement distributors can show content, pictures, and recordings on various sites and need to pay per click. Then again, the site proprietors get cash by associating with AdSense.

The clients just need to make a Google AdSense account which is for free and their site or YouTube channel will be qualified for Google Ads.

There is code which should be duplicated and glued and you are ready. The AdSense income can be figured on the compensation per click premise or per-impression premise. Now to Learn Google Adsense and the ways we can utilize it.

Investigate the sorts of AdSense programs you can utilize

  • AdSense for content: show advertisements on a site
  • AdSense for search: shows promotions in indexed lists on a site
  • AdSense for smartphones: shows promotions on a versatile site
  • AdSense for feeds: shows promotions in RSS channels
  • AdSense for domain spaces: shows promotions on unused areas

Learn Google Adsense and its possible applications ensured distributors and engineers likewise approach AdSense programs. These Certified distributors can utilize AdSense to raise incomes from iPhone applications, video or Web program amusements. In the beginning, Google offers the accompanying AdSense programs for ensured distributors: Learn Google Adsense and its possible applications

AdSense for portable applications: adapt Android and iPhone applications

  • AdSense for TV: adapt TV stock
  • AdSense for video: adapt online video content
  • AdSense for diversions: adapt program based recreations

How To Link YouTube to AdSense?

Things being what they are, it’s an ideal opportunity to Learn Google Adsense, it’s a method to profit:

Stage 1-Enable your YouTube for monetization.

Stage 2-Fill an application framework to make another AdSense record to interface with your YouTube account. When Google supports your demand, you will see a hosting account catch on the landing page of your AdSense account.

That is it. It is a basic two-advance procedure to make an AdSense account.

When you have made an AdSense account, pause for a moment to see the advertisement design writes you can empower. It is proposed that you empower all.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you as of now have a non-have site and need the advertisements to appear there, you simply need to fill another frame. This is a one-time frame in which you need to specify the URL of the site.

09 Feb 2018

B2B Digital Marketing

Marketing is an important aspect for all companies. Even the B2B companies often find it advantageous to use digital marketing for improving business. There are many changes that are now visible in the marketing world but still maintaining a relationship and good service has not changed the hands. The business owners thus will find it beneficial to use these B2B digital marketing tips to improve the business performance.

Focus on the content

There is no denying the fact that content is still the king for all business outcomes. Digital marketing uses the content as a sharp weapon to fight all challenges. Many businesses take time but understand the fact that the revenue generation increases when high-quality content is provided to the buyers. The business requires creating interesting and attractive content. The customers should relish and get what they want otherwise they will not enjoy the website and might re-bounce. The online community demands long-term content which should be finalized based on the research about consumers demands.

Use social media to attract new and existing customers. This is the best way to increase traffic which in turn generates revenue for the business. The email list, social media is the fastest way to get in touch with the new users.

How is it useful for your business?

This is a very powerful tool to generate traffic and brand awareness, but most of the companies miss out using it as brand awareness. There are many research results that show that Twitter is the most successful way of promoting any content. The B2B audience has shown that twice large number of users use this platform over others. This is not a social media profile but should be used as a platform for creating and promoting the brand. This is a platform where the audience can be realized as the positive image of the business and also create loyal visitors. They are a large number of users and the business should use this platform to win support here.

There is no way that any platform which is not using social media will be able to survive in long run. Business analysts can create an analysis which will check for revenues and show how much business will be able to get the return when they use this service.

Digital marketing will create a boom in the business if it is used wisely and there should be a definite progression.


03 Feb 2018

Content marketing training institute

Business is all about promoting the product and service in a right way to attract as many customers as possible putting less effort. Traditional marketing is definitely a good way to promote your business but another most important thing that can help your business grow just perfectly is the content marketing. Content marketing is nothing but the creation and sharing of quality content to target the right customers. Content marketing is beneficial for both the customers and your business. While traditional marketing is more direct the content marketing is an indirect way of marketing. You can choose to get some training on this subject from the content marketing training Institute to have an extensive knowledge of content marketing.

If you are wondering how this content marketing can help you grow your business actually, you landed on the right page as we have discussed that in this article in details. So, have a read to know it.

  • The first way how the content marketing can help you grow your business is by search engine traffic. Yes, one of the first reason to get ranked higher in the search engine is better and high-quality content. Remember Google always prefer the high-quality content and this is what gets more preference for higher ranking in the search engine. Higher rank in search engine naturally helps you get more traffic which is extremely required for a business to grow faster. There are many websites that have witnessed growth in the business just by creating high-quality content and receiving a higher rank in the search engine.
  • Business is all about good and loyal customers. Searching new customers is a vital part of every business. But sometimes we get so busy in searching the new customers that we forget to focus on retaining the existing customers. And thankfully, content is really a great way of retaining the existing customers. Just keep creating high-quality content on regular basis and keep sharing them to make your existing customers more loyal towards your business. If you are seeking help for creating good content then get help from the content marketing training Institute.
  • A steady stream of content can help your business generating leads smoothly. Generating leads is one of the best tasks of the sales team and with high-quality content in hand, you can assure that generating leads is not that tough at all. Also, not just creating leads rather this strategy is helpful for nurturing the existing leads as well.
  • Content marketing is far more helpful than the traditional advertising. You must have noticed that we all have that same tendency to skip an ad as soon as we can figure out that SKIP button. But if a good content can offer helpful information to the viewers, they will much likely come to your website again and again in search of good content and eventually, they become the loyal customers.
  • Content marketing supports the customer care and sales team. Yes, while content marketing helps the customers get most of their queries asked, it is helpful to the sales team as well. The content you create should be such that can drive people towards the sales funnel which will be ultimately helpful for the company’s bottom line.

So, content marketing should be a vital part of the business to help it grow faster. While there are many forms of content marketing such as videos, social media and e-book, a blog post is the most effective one. For better result, contact a content marketing training Institute and they will guide you better in this.

22 Jan 2018

Digital marketing interview questions

There cannot be something better than having the opportunity to face an interview in the company that you have always expected to work for. As a digital marketing manager who has just stepped into the competitive world of jobs, you would definitely want to know what the interviewer might be looking forward to asking you. Here is a list of some digital marketing interview questions that you should expect while you face an interview for your position.

Why did you leave your previous job and how long do you think you want to remain employed with our company?

To answer the first part of the question give professional answers such as looking forward to better prospects or desire to be associated with a famous brand or a company.  You can also give reasons for your job has been outsourced or your company has been merged or acquired.  Abstain from giving reasons like your company was not a good one. You left because of work pressure or you were not getting a promotion etc.

To answer how long you wish to stay with the present company don’t hurriedly announce that you are looking to gain experience for a short period. A company spends much time and money on you in different ways when you join. The employer will lose no time in crossing your name out of the list. An answer like – “I have been gaining experience to join an esteemed company as yours and I would like to exploit my work skills here so I can enhance my knowledge on the profession while working here.”

Tell me your work experience and how has it helped you develop your career?

This is an important section and will determine what you know and have learned in your past job. Use words like – prioritization, organization, working in a team, sound judgment, reasoning etc.

Did you help your company gain in sales? If yes, then explain the strategies that you used.

The answer should always be ‘YES’. Explain some strategies that you used in your previous job – explain about how you use social media platform, SEO, usage of keywords, link website pages using keyword phrases, Pay Per Click advertising etc. to boost the sale of your company.

How do you handle critical situations at work?

Use these phrases to form your sentences – calm down myself, keep an optimistic view, make a swift plan to handle the situation, trust my knowledge and intuition, take quick decision and execute.

Can you handle pressure at work and effectively complete your targets?

Again your answer should be ‘YES’. You can say you motivate yourself by taking a break once a week to clear your head. So, once you go back to work you are full of new ideas and have the necessary zing to achieve your targets.

How will you handle a team that has a person who doesn’t like you?

Your reply should be a tactful one. Say that you will make sure that negative feeling will not impact the work. Also, add that you will find opportunities to interact with our colleague and discuss on how you can make things better between us. Also, a person’s opinions should not undermine one’s self-esteem. Every individual has a different view on things and we need to discuss and come to a mutual conclusion to help complete the task perfectly and on time.

Why did you pick digital marketing as your career? What attracts you to this profession?

You need to speak about the potential you see in this industry and how digital marketing is a profession that will sustain in the near future. The position of a digital marketer is definitely a beneficial one and it offers attractive salary and incentives. Not forgetting that you get to work with good brands. To take the credit for boosting the sales of the company and to help with its brand recognition is definitely a position to be proud of.

Which is/are the most effective type/types of digital marketing and why?

Think about which type of digital marketing tool has proved to be the best when you applied in your earlier work. You can mention about your prior experience and how you succeeded in it. You can give a rough idea of where your company was when you took over a certain campaign and what was the final result. You can use percentage when you speak about the campaign.

Do you think you can have a successful career in digital marketing?

YES, mention about how world is already gone digital and how things are already changing when it comes to being digital.

What do you hate about digital marketing?

Please be tactful while answering this question. You don’t have to be negative about anything. You can say that this is your profession and you are comfortable while handling tasks related to digital marketing. There is no job that doesn’t come with targets and associated with those targets are a string of difficulties but digital marketing is your forte and you know how to work towards your goals and targets as you overcome small hinders professionally.

What special skills do you have in digital marketing that you think will benefit our company?

Each one of us has a certain set of skills. Speak about your knowledge about digital marketing and what you have done in your earlier job to benefit the company. You have to present yourself in a way that will make you look valuable and an asset to the company. Your practical knowledge about digital marketing is what will work here.

Where does traditional marketing stand today?

As a digital marketing person you are well aware of what traditional marketing and its position in your region.

Do you think digital marketing will replace traditional marketing in future?

Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing fast. But we are also aware of many traditional marketing techniques that still exist. You can perhaps mention about some of them. Conclude by saying that although digital marketing has almost taken over traditional marketing, the orthodox way of marketing is still liked by a certain section of the society. Companies will always keep a traditional marketing alive for some people who like it. But digital marketing is what we are going to see in the near future.

Questions related to different types of digital marketing. Difference between them and their advantages and disadvantages.

This is where your education comes in. Give direct answers and don’t forget to add examples.

Situational questions such as how would you go about increasing our target audience on Twitter or which social media platform will you select to promote a specific product and how would you do it?

As a digital marketing person you are already familiar with this type of work. In fact you have experience from your prior work. Give a crisp and clear answer.

We are living in a digital world and you have the necessary expertise to help a company grow in sales while also helping it to enhance its brand awareness in the digital world. Although knowledge about your job, the current evaluation methods and digital technologies is important; you need to be confident while presenting you skills to the interviewer. Confidence and enthusiasm in your words show that you will show the same skills in your work.  You may not be able to give a satisfactory answer to the interviewer but always show that you are a one with a strong willpower and has the ability to deliver results.

12 Jan 2018

Email marketing course

Sending a commercial message, mostly to a group of people using email is incredibly convenient and productive. It mainly employs using e-mail as a medium to send advertisements, business requests and for brand awareness. A current customer database could be used for sending emails. It is usually done for the purpose of building trust relationships between previous and current customers and somehow making the new customer purchase something immediately.

Why Should We Choose Email Marketing Course?

Email marketing is still very popular in the market and among companies. With email marketing course you could reap all the benefits of email marketing.

  • Mailing someone is the cheapest way to advertise something compared to other forms of marketing.
  • Also, the email-marketing campaigns can be easily set up and are very easy to track.
  • Around 90%-95% people use email while 60%-65% use social media thus a wider audience is available.
  • Prospects and availability of email are huge. With email, you can reach the last available person whereas in social media marketing it is possible that you may never reach target audience completely.
  • Email marketing is second only to search marketing.
  • An email service provider can be used to get information regarding the behavior of recipients.

In Today’s World Is It an Option?

Yes, email marketing is exceptionally personable, one on one channel which you own. Consider millions of emails being forwarded but none get opened. Almost half of the emails are being opened on mobile. Email marketing course will provide you the talent required to prove your understanding of advanced email marketing tactics.  Email marketing course helps you to grow your business by targeting demographics i.e. income, age, gender, geography. Also, email messages can be formatted to a greater degree. The Return on Investment (ROI) in email marketing is the highest among all forms of marketing even today. For every one dollar spent on email marketing, an approximate of 40 dollars can be expected in return compared to $22 in SEO and $19 in internet display.

What Can You Learn From An Email Marketing Course?

  • You can learn how to gain more visibility and draw more traffic towards your product or brand.
  • Understand the minuscule and serpentine details of effective email marketing.
  • You could learn how to build an effective email list and email campaign.
  • Generating a greater number of email subscribers.
  • Using email marketing platform to market a business.
  • Mastering the technique of email marketing so as to attract a huge number of buyers and have a global presence.
  • Mastering the art of forwarding mass emails to a select group of recipients who are looking for a similar product which you happen to sell.


Though a number of forms of digital marketing are available, still emails remain the only option which has such a large audience at a cheap rate. It not only provides you with a more effective way to format and the option to track down the campaign but also helps you to reach the last available audience. It also helps you narrow your audience based on demographics i.e. income, gender, age, geography. Thus, learning email marketing through email marketing course will prove to be a great benefit for your business over the duration of time.

23 Dec 2017

inbound marketing

The internet has transformed the buying habits of people. Rather than depending on sales teams to deliver the information about products or services to buyers or target audience, buyers now use search engines like Google to gather information about products, competitors and view the feedbacks or reviews of other users on those products. Due to changes in buying behavior of the customers, marketers need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and improve them to ensure that they come on top in search engine results, blogs, reviews, and social media networks. The inbound marketing is one of those techniques that can help marketers’ get their products or services in the search results, positive reviews, and blogs around the industry.

Inbound marketing concept specifies that you can certainly entice existing and potential customers by offering attention-grabbing and quality content on a website. If the content updates and engages target audience’s interests, it can serve to create attentiveness and generate new leads and if applied correctly, can also lead to increased conversion rates.

Importance of inbound marketing:

Level Playing Field

With the increase in the number of internet users, searching for products and services through online platforms has increased considerably. With that, the business marketers are now realizing that they must focus their marketing strategies on attracting buyers’ interest. Now both big and small brands are fighting on the same platform, to attract the same share of the target audience. Every marketer is competing at the same level.


Inbound marketing focuses on understanding what customers want, what are the challenges involved and how to provide value to the customers. Comprehending the target audience’s mindset means, you can efficiently invest your valuable time in developing a remarkable content associated with your brand. You can generate quality content on the timely basis that fits with your marketing budget.

Natural and Customer-based marketing

If a user searches online for a specific product or service, and your listed website comes up in the results, it means that your quality content will provide the user with essential value and exclusive knowledge about your product or service. It will advance their understanding and encourage them to contact you and convert into a money making a lead. Inbound marketing is usually concentrated on customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations.

Businesses receive additional leads

The higher is the quality and value of the content is on your website, the more fresh leads you will receive for your business. From there on with more effective strategies, you can increase your conversion rates.

Marketing automation and improved customer-relationship management

Inbound marketing helps in creating fresh leads pertaining to your products and services. Market automation being the part of CRM procedure will help in scoring the leads, along with informing sales team about what and how much content has been used by a lead. It helps in keeping the leads interested and engaged until they become a part of the sales.

Helps in defining aims, objectives, and procedures

As inbound marketing mainly focuses on customers’ interests, it helps you as a marketer in setting objectives and analyzing them based on website analytics to comprehend whether your objectives are being met or not. You can easily keep track of the outcomes from each part of inbound marketing and connect them back to the customers, create new leads and understand its impact on ROI. It also helps the marketer in identifying their mistakes and make new creative and compelling changes in their content to attract more audiences.

When marketers generate quality and appropriate content using inbound marketing techniques, they can present their product or service in a positive light and help their target customer make the correct decision and in doing so, they can expand their business and reach into new markets.

16 Dec 2017

Digital marketing apps

In today’s competitive environment of the markets, marketers must keep an eye on their campaigns 24/7 in case they need to make any changes using the Digital Marketing Apps. If search engines are updating their features or the company’s website has been bugged, any deceitful practice can lead to severe damages to the business. In digital marketing approach, Mobiles and Tablets play a very decisive role. Given below is the list of 10 Android Digital Marketing Apps that are crucial and very beneficial for the digital marketers:

  1. WordPress

WordPress is an Android App, which plays a very fundamental role in managing a WordPress site. With the hectic market environment, marketers and blogger can use this app to make their tasks easier. This app allows the marketers to appraise their website with most recent updates without delaying the delivery of information.

  1. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Page Manager App is used to manage the Facebook page of a business. Using this app, marketers can manage all their Facebook pages to send and receive messages, post product and service related updates on the page and look at the audience insights for the page.

  1. Google My Business

As a digital marketer, using Google My Business, you can validate your business info, handle customer feedback, monitor your website reports, and get personalized audience insights on how your customers are interacting with your business through an online platform to construct your brand name.

  1. YouTube Creator Studio

If you are a digital (video) marketer and frequently manage your videos, with the help of YouTube Studio app, you can manage your YouTube channels in an easier and quicker way.  You can keep track of most recent statistics, reply to comments, upload modified video thumbnail imageries, plan videos, and receive notifications so that you can stay connected with your channel and subscribers from anywhere in a very productive way.

  1. Buffer- Social Media Management Platform

Buffer App can be tremendously beneficial for you if you have to manage the social media updates on regular basis. If you are a digital marketer, this app can assist you in sharing day-to-day updates on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+, and also save you a lot of time. Marketers can plan their updates, and post and share remarkable content from many online and offline sources.

  1. Hootsuite – Schedule Posts on Social Media Platforms

As a digital marketer, you can use Hootsuite App to publish and share the pictures related to your business products and services on all your social networks accounts at the same time.

You can keep track of the activities pertaining to your brand and manage your numerous social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, all at one place.

  1. WunderList – To-Do Lists & Tasks

WunderList App is very beneficial for digital marketers as it helps them in managing their multiple tasks, and schedules. Marketers can utilize this app for formulating a content marketing strategy, social media marketing plans, and execute those plans as has been programmed into their schedules.

  1. Google Adsense

The Google AdSense app offers an easier technique to keep track of crucial data from your AdSense and AdMob marketing accounts. It aids you in gaining access to reporting features any place, straight from your mobile device. This app delivers you with an overview of the account and gives access to comprehensive performance information on all vital factors. It offers reports comprising of top ad units, channels, networks, websites, nations etc.

  1. Perch

Perch is a free Android and iOS app that offers you a comprehensive detail of all the references your company receives on the social media platforms, along with the mentions your competitors receive. You convey to Perch about the business corporations it should follow, and it produces a news feed of latest updates and references about those business corporations on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Yelp, Foursquare, and Living Social. Perch is perhaps an ideal app for small businesses as it helps them in monitoring their competitors’ activities.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing management tool and is considered an effective service in the digital marketing industry. The company created this mobile app for Android and iOS that offers you access to HubSpot tools and analytics.