27 Oct 2017

If you want to learn digital marketing, it is also important to know about its history. Digital marketing is about marketing the products and services offered by a company by using digital expertise, mainly through Internet which can be accessed with computer and mobile. Since 1990’s and 2000’s, digital marketing has significantly changed the face of marketing through a brand markets the products or services. With the increase in digital platforms, people are using digital devices to shop online as digital marketing crusades are becoming more widespread and effectual.

A marketer can reach a greater audience in a very less amount of time. Initially, the term digital marketing emerged in the 1990s. After that, digital age was on boom with the internet and the advancement of the Web 1.0 platform. This allowed users to look for whatever information they needed, however it did not let them to share the information on the internet. Marketers were not assured if their marketing would work on internet.

During the year 1993, the first ever clickable banner was launched and after that HotWired bought some banner commercials for their marketing plans. This was the commencement of the evolution of the digital marketing. Owing to this, slow shift, in 1994, novel technologies arrived in the digital market and that same year, Yahoo came into existence. It established nearly 1 million hits just in the first year. In 1996 some of the other search engines and apparatuses like HotBot, LookSmart, and Alexa were launched.

Google came in 1998 and shortly Microsoft’s MSN search engine and Yahoo’s  web search were launched. Currently Google tops as No. 1 search engine and the term google it is also used frequently if anyone seeking for information. In the year 2006, the search engine traffic had grown to around 6.4 billion in one month. This created an opportunity for Google to expand and acquaint with products like AdWords that can be seen at the top or to the right side where search results are shown.

Later on Web 2.0 came into the market and it allowed people to become an active user on the internet. People could interact with other users and selling businesses. Flow of the information increased and this offered a number of advantages for the digital marketers. By the time 2004 arrived, US alone was generating around $2.9 billion from internet advertising and promotion. And soon after that, social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace began to arise. It unlocked fresh opportunities for business, and motioned the new beginning for the businesses.

The cookie feature was one of the most significant developments in the digital marketing business. It helped in tracking browsing habits of the users to adapt promotional and marketing strategies as per the taste of the users.

If you learn digital marketing, you can find ways to help your clients float on the surface with other competitors. You can keep track of developing trends and the development of innovative and smoother Search Engine Algorithms. In the end, nobody wants to be left behind in the competition.