16 Oct 2017

Top Digital Marketing Blogs You Need Follow For Latest Updates

Even though there are many digital marketing blogs out there, a good blog can still be hard to find. The digital marketing field is highly open to changes and therefore it is very vital for a marketer to keep track of Digital marketing updates. As a result, the best way to stay updated is to read and follow blogs that offer a wide variety of content for those working in digital marketing industry.

Though a large number of the digital marketing experts favour using Google Reader, one could use many blog subscriptions for digital marketing updates. To get the best updates, it is always a better option to follow and subscribe diverse set of blogs using email services. Email subscriptions will help you in getting the best digital marketing posts or articles out of the lot available on various online platforms. Given below is a list of a few marketing blogs that you can subscribe to in order to get latest digital marketing updates:

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a digital marketing blog, which is managed by Neil Patel. He has been writing a blog about digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization tools for more than a decade now. He has written more than 175 pages of blog entries, Quick Sprout offers boundlessly valuable tips and practices on how to increase website traffic and how to convert visitors into customers. Neil Patel is a skilful and captivating writer and his unique writing style make every post worth reading.


AllFacebook was initially started by Nick O’Neill. This is kind of a periodical from MediaBistro, which is committed to the goings-on that takes place on Facebook. Facebook offers a wide range of digital marketing tools for its users like Pixel and AllFacebook is a great way to know about them. You can also check out AllFacebook Marketing Conference where some of the best experts in social marketing come together to discuss fresh ideas to help a business.


Buffer has gained a lot of popularity amongst readers in recent times. This is large because they share a variety of content that is not only fascinating to read but also quite enlightening. The social media marketing content offered by Buffer comprises the state-of-the-art social media stratagems, tools, and analytics that can be used on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and much more.


Google Webmaster Central Blog

If you are looking for most recent news and updates in the field of SEO, you cannot find a better source than Google Webmaster Central Blog. This blog has a very clean and user-friendly layout and is a great place for anybody who wants to stay in touch with the newest tools and methodologies that are offered by Google to improve a website’s performance.


Vero is a great email platform that offers a vigorous and, awe-inspiring blog equipped with various useful and effective features and services. Digital marketing experts who are looking for personalized email marketing tool and analytics, the writers working with Vero offer a wide range of answers to common email marketing dilemmas that are supported by approved statistics.


It was started in January 2006.  This blog is without a doubt a thought-provoking platform augmented with a diversity of information on content marketing. If you are not subscribed to this blog, you are certainly missing out on some of the most noteworthy matters of digital marketing.


Even though Econsultancy is an intellectual and appealing content digital marketing source, it also helps businesses attain superiority in both online marketing and e-commerce grounds with well-researched tools and strategies. They are sturdy in European markets as well.

There are several other online marketing platforms where you can get what ‘s latest and what are other future possibilities in the field of digital marketing that can help a business boost its online presence and reach a wide base of customers around the world.


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