Web Analytics Course

Web Analytics Course:

Digital Marketing is a dynamic science in which the strategies are to be planned based on analysis of current stats and predictions of future trends in order to adapt to the constant changes. Web Analytics Course  is one such process in Digital Marketing that would help businesses to analyze the behavior of website visitors which in turn can be used in formulation new and effective strategies to improve the customer base.

Google Analytics is an important tool used as a part of this Web Analytics Course that gives a good idea of how a business is performing digitally. Digital Hat’s Web Analytics training segment involves a variety of concepts that revolve around this Google Analytics. Here are the concepts you learn

  • Google Analytics for Businesses
  • Analyzing the Digital and Social Stats using Google Analytics
  • Predicting the future visitor trends
  • Strategy and Campaign planning to increase customer

Key Features

Research Based Internship
Placement Assistance
Hands-on Projects and Assignments
Adwords Certification
Course Completion Certificate
Free Demo Classes
Practical Training - Learn on real live projects for individuals
24X7 Support - 24X7 Support via online assistance


1 Intro to Web Analytics
Duration: 12 hour
2 Web Data Analysis Guide
Duration: 2 hour
3 Social Media Analytics
Duration: 1 hour
4 Industry Models
Duration: 2 hour
5 Complex Measurement and Approaches
Duration: 3 hour
6 Data Collection
Duration: 2 hour
7 Key Performance Indicators and Analytics Techniques
8 Segmentation
9 Making Web Analytics Actionable
10 Qualitative Research
11 Experimentation and Testing
12 Competitive Intelligence Analysis
13 Multi-Channel Analytics
14 Dashboards and Google-specific Techniques and Reports

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Web Analytics

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  • Duration: 10 hours
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