10 Strategies To Help You Dominate Search Engines in 2017.

Date: March 25th 2017 - 7 to 8pm.

Thinking of A Digital Marketing Career. Join the webinar to find the essential strategies to Help you kick start your career and dominate the search engines.

The biggest challenge every new digital marketer faces is the fundamental understanding of search engines and the strategies the business truly need.

This is why we at Digital Hat have come up with a webinar to emphasize the importance of the strategies to be followed to kick start your career as a Digital Marketer and Dominate Search Engines be it any business you are optimizing for.

Join Karanam Srikanth for a 1 Hour webinar, where you will learn how to strategize your approach from the get-go.

In this webinar you will learn:

•  What are Search Engines.
•  The Evolution of Search Engines.
•  What is a SERP.
•  Categorization of Results.
•  Strategies to optimize and dominate search engines.